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BIG JUMP Productions is a privately owned, independent, 2D hybrid animation production facility that specializes in the seamless combination of traditional and digital techniques. Our team of industry professionals is comprised of highly accredited specialists in all elements of production, prepared to develop and produce projects from concept to post. While making extensive use of both the Adobe’s CC Bundle and Toonboom’s Harmony products, BIG JUMP provides its clients and partners with an extremely flexible and efficient state of the art pipeline. With experience in development, distribution, financing and producing, BIG JUMP‘s diverse team provides a collective understanding and insight into the challenges faced by our clients and partners in realizing their projects across multiple platforms and media. BIG JUMP takes pride in ensuring that the production process is a fun and engaging experience… after all, we are making cartoons! INNOVATIVE · CREATIVE · BIG JUMP!

  • Rick Morrison

    Rick Morrison

    Rick oversees marketing and business development at BIG JUMP. As Executive Producer he has helmed the delivery of more than 200 hours of proprietary content.
  • Cory Morrison

    Cory Morrison

    EVP/ Development
    As a Director, Animator, Designer and Story Artist, Cory is integral to defining content from pre-school to prime-time. Co-creator of BIG JUMP’s original series, SHUTTERBUGS, Cory is in constant search for the next BIG idea.
  • Rod Amador

    Rod Amador

    Executive VP | Production
    Rod’s unique combination of creativity and technical expertise has defined BIG JUMP’s state of the art production pipeline. His stealth approach to production tables the highest quality while maintaining schedule and budget.
  • Shannan Thomson

    Shannan Thomson

    Production Manager
    Focused and results oriented, Shannan capitalizes on more than a decade of experience in both live action and animation. Her production insight and client relationships are invaluable, providing comfort and confidence.
  • Ram Srinivasan

    Ram Srinivasan

    CFO | Business Affairs
    Ram’s knowledge of Canada’s Federal and Provincial tax credits and funding incentives are respected by major lending facilities and government agencies across Canada. His detailed insight is conducive to any financing model.
  • Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards

    General Counsel
    Mark is an experienced entertainment lawyer. However, his background as a producer of animation, advergames and interactive web series combined with his business prowess makes Mark’s contribution to BIG JUMP… highly unique!
  • Michelle Jackman

    Michelle Jackman

    Office & Production Administration
    With extensive industry administrative experience, Michelle has helped steer various animated series to fruition with the likes of TVO, Disney Junior and CBC. Michelle is presently working on Big Jump's first IP, Shutterbugs
  • Karen Swerdfeger

    Karen Swerdfeger

    Director of Development
    As former Manager Of Development for The Comedy Network, Karen brings a wealth of experience in project development, content analogy and story editing to Big Jump.

Partners & Clients


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  • HBO’s Animals Season 2
  • F is for Family Season 2
  • Camp WWE – BIG JUMP is awarded Camp WWE by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
  • BIG JUMP wraps “F is For Family” starring popular comedian Bill Burr for Netflix
  • BIG JUMP will work with Gaumont Animation to produce “F is For Family” starring comedian Bill Burr.
  • BIG JUMP has optioned Surf Sharks!
  • BIG JUMP Suits Up for 4K
  • BIG JUMP Inks deal with Carbon Media
  • BIG JUMP Presents Cartoonapalooza for CHEO!
  • Tricon Acquires Distribution Rights for Shutterbugs!
  • Wild Grinders Season 2 Premiere
  • BIG JUMP, Amberwood developing Shutterbugs with TVOKids
  • Bounty Hunters Premieres July 17!
  • Muse Entertainment awards BIG JUMP Bounty Hunters, a prime time series for CMT
  • BIG JUMP wraps production on CBC’s holiday special The Magic Hockey Skates, based on the popular children’s book by Allen Morgan.
  • Toonboom interviews key creative on The Magic Hockey Skates!
HBO’s Animals season 2 comes to BIG JUMP. The hit series was created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano and is produced by Mark and Jay Duplass in association with Starburns Industries.

BIG JUMP is awarded season 2 of the hit series “F is For Family” starring Comedian Bill Burr and airs on Netflix.

Camp WWE – BIG JUMP is awarded Camp WWE by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

CWWE_Still_01 CWWE_Still_02

Camp WWEBIG JUMP is awarded Camp WWE by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The prime time animated series will feature the antics of popular WWE names such as John Cena, Steve Austin and Ric Flair to name a few.

BIG JUMP wraps “F is for Family” starring popular comedian Bill Burr for Netflix.



BIG JUMP wraps “F is for Family” starring popular comedian Bill Burr for Netflix. The 6 half hours premier on December 18 and are sure to be “binge watched”


BIG JUMP will work with Gaumont Animation to produce the animated prime time “F is For Family” starring comedian Bill Burr.


“We continue to pinch ourselves with these amazing opportunities” says Rod Amador, EVP, Supervising Director. Big Jump is no stranger to prime time having been involved with Brickleberry (Fox, Comedy Central), Bounty Hunters (CMT) and Ugly Americans (Comedy Central). Bill Burr is one of the funniest comedians out there. Our biggest challenge will be getting past the laughter long enough to deliver the show!

F is For Family Press link >

BIG JUMP has optioned Surf Sharks. A property based on the kids books of the same name.

surf sharks

Surf Sharks is a children’s brand created to educate children about one of the most important and misunderstood creatures on the planet, sharks. The series will follow the adventures of a group of kids and their cool aquatic friends. We are very excited to be able to bring Surf Sharks to market”, says Cory Morrison, EVP-Development. “We were on side the minute we saw the books, stories and the incredible art by Shelley and Chance Wolf.”

SS Press link >

BIG JUMP Suits Up for 4K!


“We have had repeated requests from our clients to output and deliver content in 4K. Its obviously the next generation in video output” says Rick Morrison. Big Jump continues to update and implement the latest technology to its pipeline.

BIG JUMP and Carbon Media have inked a deal to co produce Cheeky Dogs, based on the book “Too Many Cheeky Dogs” by author Johanna Bell and illustrator Dion Beasley.


Too Many Cheeky Dogs is a cheeky, cheerful, charming story about naughty camp dogs that is also perfect for literacy development through its use of counting, colours and rhythm, with wonderfully funny naive illustrations.




Cartoonapalooza for CHEO was conceived originally as an animation community building event, much like Atomics Cartoonapalooza in Vancouver. Rob Davies of Atomic was kind enough to fill us in on their event and how their Cartoonapalooza helped create a sense of industry and community spirit, something we really wanted to build on here in Ottawa. There are over 500+ artists, producers, executives and all around incredible people in Ottawa that work really hard to brighten a kids day with fantastic stories and beautiful animation. We wanted to start an annual event that brings all the studios together for a night out and let loose in an environment where studios mingled with other studios, where freelancers emerged from their basements and professionals and executives stood shoulder to shoulder to celebrate our industry and have some FUN!

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Toronto, Canada-based Tricon Kids & Family has secured international distribution rights to preschool series Shutterbugs, a new science- and math-themed animated preschool series from Ottawa companies Amberwood Entertainment and Big Jump Productions.

The discovery and exploration series, which is currently in production after a development deal was struck last July with Ontario’s public educational media organization TVO, weaves digital literacy, science, technology and comedy into its narrative to help equip early learners for the 21st century learning environment.

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NEW YORK – Feb. 4, 2014 – Nicktoons is set to launch season two of the kickin’ animated series Wild Grinders, inspired by professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek’s (Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness ) real-life experiences, on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 8:30 p.m. (ET). The second season (26 episodes) of the half-hour series continues the comic adventures of Lil Rob, Meaty and his middle school skate crew, known as Wild Grinders, who are bound by their love of skateboarding. The show is created and executive produced by Dyrdek, is produced in partnership with Home Plate Entertainment and Dyrdek’s SuperJacket Productions. Telegael, Top Draw Animation, and BIG JUMP are also co-producers on the HD production. Following the premiere, Wild Grinders will air regularly on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. (ET) on Nicktoons.
The Wild Grinders cast includes: Rob Dyrdek as Lil Rob and Gene; Chanel West Coast (Fantasy Factory) as Flipz; Kel Mitchell (Kenan & Kel) as Jay Jay; and Erin Fitzgerald (Ed, Edd & Eddy, Monster High) as Stubford.

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Ottawa, Canada-based kids and family producer Amberwood Entertainment and animation co BIG JUMP have struck a development deal with TVOKids for new animated preschool series Shutterbugs.

In June, the companies announced that they were teaming up on Shutterbugs, BIG JUMP’s first proprietary project.

The series follows an investigative reporter firefly, who with his horsefly and webbed spider pals, shed light on first-time experiences using their five senses and a wide angle lens.

“Shutterbugs is designed to help equip kids for the 21st century learning environment while being wrapped in an entertaining and engaging story,” said TVO creative head, children’s and parents’ media Pat Ellingson, in a statement. “It weaves digital literacy, science and technology, and at the same time models coping skills. And like all TVOKids content, Shutterbugs is based on the Ontario curriculum.”

Shutterbugs is created by BIG JUMP’s Cory Morrison and Amberwood’s Craig Young and Michael Milligan.

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TORONTO (June 20, 2013) – The hunt for laughs is on as those beloved blue collar boys are back in the all-new animated series BOUNTY HUNTERS, premiering Wednesday, July 17 at 10 p.m. ET on The Comedy Network. The 13-episode half-hour series produced in Montreal and Ottawa, is executive produced and voiced by stars Jeff Foxworthy (BLUE COLLAR TV, THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW), Larry The Cable Guy (ONLY IN AMERICA WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY, Cars), and Bill Engvall (THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW, HAWTHORNE), and also features Lisa Lampanelli (INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, Lisa Lampanelli: Tough Love). BOUNTY HUNTERS follows funny guys Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Engvall as they track down fugitives for their two-bit bounty hunting business in the small southern town of Skeeter Creek.

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America’s favorite funny guys Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Engvall track down fugitives for their own two-bit bounty hunting business in each of the half-hour episodes. The team will do their best to chase down fugitives, while trying to please the tough-as-nails bondswoman who throws them cases, voiced by Lisa Lampanelli. The guys will have to deal with friends and family like Jeff’s sassy ex-wife and her smarmy new husband, voiced by Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, and the local rednecks like Jesco (who just so happens to be Jeff’s dad) voiced by Dave Thomas. Their bounties are always peculiar and are voiced by guest stars like Kellie Pickler. Blake Shelton, and Kix Brooks.

BOUNTY HUNTERS is produced by Muse Entertainment in association with Parallel Entertainment, with animation services provided by BIG JUMP Productions. Directed by Cory Morrison, it is co-created by Glenn Clements, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. Eric Horsted is the showrunner. Executive producers are Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Engvall, Eric Horsted, and Glenn Clements, as well as Joel S. Rice, Michael Prupas and Jesse Prupas for Muse Entertainment. JP Williams and Jennifer Novak executive produce for Parallel Entertainment; along with Jayson Dinsmore, Eliot Goldberg and Joe Livecchi for CMT.

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news-MHSAmberwood Entertainment’s The Magic Hockey Skates, will air in Canada on both the CBC in English and SRC in French on December 16th and December 21st respectively.

The animated special was commissioned by the CBC and is being distributed be eOne Family, who to date have secured licenses with Disney XD Latin America, Teletoon France, RTS Radio Television Suisse, NRK Norway, Chello Central Europe and RTE in Ireland.

Based on a book of the same name, The Magic Hockey Skates is a 2D animated primetime TV special, penned by Lorne Cameron (Over the Hedge, The Nut Job, Brother Bear) The story follows one young boy’s inspirational journey as he gains confidence and self-respect with a little help from a pair of magic skates.

Produced by Ottawa’s Amberwood Entertainment, with animation from BIG JUMP.

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news-toonboomMixing Techniques and Teams to Create Holiday Magic

With its 4,000 square foot facility, BIG JUMP focuses on quality and undertakes an average of two to three series per year using the entire Toon Boom pipeline–namely Manager, Storyboard Pro, and Harmony. Their specialty is a seamless combination of traditional and digital techniques, which deliver impressive results. Led by Rick Morrison, President, Cory Morrison, Vice President/Studio Director, and Rodrigo Amador, Vice President/Studio Director, BIG JUMP brings together highly accredited specialists in all elements of production, producing projects from concept to post. Their collective experience in development, distribution, financing, and producing represents another attractive asset for their clients in realizing their projects to the screen. One of their latest productions stood out and received lots of attention due to the quality of its animation and the innovative approach BIG JUMP took to deliver it.

The Magic Hockey Skates (an Amberwood Entertainment production) is a twenty-two minute television special that is sure to charm the young at heart for many years to come. The Magic Hockey Skates first aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) in English. The Magic Hockey Skatestells the heartfelt story of a young boy who begrudgingly buys second-hand skates which turn out to make him the best hockey player ever – via three magical wishes. Opting for a tradigital technique, this production was a pure and seamless mix of 50% traditional and 50% cut-out animation, combining character builds with old school drawings to create the classical look and feel. Spanning over six months, this production created close to sixty jobs, including four storyboard artists, thirty animators, six builders, and four compositors.

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Rick Morrison, President

Cory Morrison, VP | Director of Development

Rod Amador, VP | Supervising Director

Shannan Thomson, VP | Head of Production



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