Big Jump Entertainment


Title: Allover
Format: 2D 8+Series / 11 Min
Created by: Jared Raman
Developed for television by: Jared Raman, Aaron Eves, and Karen Swerdfeger

When you are a jump-first, questions-later teen, living in the hectic wasteland of The Stanks ain’t so bad, Al, the non-binary, amnesiac daredevil rocks at rolling with the punches, but chameleon bestie Jerry does not.  Perpetually on the brink of fainting, Jerry’s version of “rollin’ with it” is screaming his face off.  He wants this curse, that has befallen their land for centuries, cracked because according to legend, their home used to be a peaceful utopia.  So talk about a stroke of luck when a haughty beetle named Danii flits in with the roadmap on how to do just that!  Together, they set out on a grand adventure, made of a million little ones, to kick this curse to the curb and save the Stanks.

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