The D.L.

Big Jump Entertainment



Title: The D.L. ( In Broadcast Development- 2020 Slated Delivery)
Format: 2D Adult Comedy Digital Series
Created by: Christophe Davidson
Developed for television by: Pat Dussault, Cory Morrison & Karen Swerdfeger

Meet The D.L. (Diversity League), the world’s wokest, most inclusive team of crime-fighting superheroes! Each member of this intrepid squad was hand-picked by COURTNEY STEELE, a woman with no hands. Or a right leg, for that matter. But what Courtney lacks in appendages, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm, leadership, and telekinesis. Joining her in the fight against oppression is AVARY BROWN, an extraterrestrial who’s half-bird, half-black woman, and totally committed to social justice in a way that most people find terrifying; and GALEN MUSK, a straight white guy who only uses his privilege for noble causes, like mansplaining what an ally he is.

But as committed as they all are to the cause, each member of the D.L. has a very different understanding of social justice that often conflicts with each other’s. Will they find a way to get on the same page?  “They’d better, because Diverse City is also home to a slew of super villains, all of whom are constantly hatching schemes to exploit, oppress, and gaslight this delicate utopia in Hell of Earth.  Or even worse, Florida.”


Benjamin Bear