Evil Shoulder Monkey

Big Jump Entertainment


Title: Evil Shoulder Monkey
Format: 2D 8+Series / 22 Min
Created by: Alison Acton and Alex Ganetakos
Developed for television by: Alison Acton, Alex Ganetakos, and Karen Swerdfeger

What would you do if you found out you had an invisible shoulder companion?  But unlike folklore and popular myth, this creature isn’t going to guide you, they’re going to mess with your life?! 14-year-old Tara learns this the hard way when a freak accident “gifts” her the ability to not only see and hear her companion, Raavi, but to see and hear all the companions connected to every human alive.  It’s a secret and an ability she’s not sure she wants, especially when she learns that Companions spend most of their time using their humans, almost like avatars, to earn points in their “Great Companion Games.” Raavi also has a secret: he thinks there is something special about Tara.  But he broke the rules when he saved her life, and if his realm finds out he’ll be in big trouble!  Can he keep a secret?  Can Tara keep hers?

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