Julius & Drummond

Run With Us Productions


Title: Julius & Drummond
Format: 2D 6-11 Comedic Adventure Series / 52x11 Minutes
Created by: Mike McPhee
Developed for television by: Kyle Dooley, Kevin Gillis, Cory Morrison & Karen Swerdfeger
Partners: Run With Us Productions

When Drummond, a chicken gamer, is fried into a drumstick, and Drummond’s favorite avatar, Julius, a shark, is zapped into Drummonds’ neighborhood, the unlikely odd-couple must work together in order to save Drummonds’ town from the destructive forces of video game enemies and villains. With a loving nod to 8-bit video games of days gone by, this comedic adventure series is a buddy comedy, burrito-wrapped by the rules, logic, tropes and awesomeness of gaming.

Julius and Drummond