Mika and Mo

Big Jump Entertainment


Title: Mika & Mo
Format: 3D/Stop-Motion Hybrid Pre-School Series / 52 x 11 Minutes
Created by: Anne-Marie Asner
Developed for television by: Carolyn Hay, Cory Morrison & Karen Swerdfeger

Meet Mika. She’s an energetic, inquisitive, bold, adventure-seeking 6-year-old girl. Meet Mo. He’s none of these things. And not just because he’s a hamster. And what sets them apart from you average spunky girl and pet hamster? They, like their environment, are made of felt, which is ideal for Mika’s endless imagination and boundless creativity. With Mika’s ability to manipulate her world by cutting-out, molding, mending, and moving around whatever is necessary to solve a problem, Mika and Mo remind us that thinking big, being creative and having fun are really the only ways a kid should spend a day.

Mika and Mo
Mika and Mo