Starship Goldfish

Big Jump Entertainment


Title: Starship Goldfish
Format: 2D Adult Sci-Fi Comedy Series
Created by: Jason Weight
Developed for television by: Cory Morrison & Karen Swerdfeger

When maintenance robot Ghostworth finds himself appointed as skipper of the Starship Goldfish, its former captain, Sam Sweetmilk, has to put his ego aside and accept that his best and only friend stole his job. It helps that Ghostworth only took the role in order to aid Sam in retrieving his mysteriously deleted memories. But not by much.

Little does Sam know that the testing of their friendship has only just begun — in their as-yet unseen future they’ll find themselves a galactic superpower’s enemy #1, harborers of a cosmic war criminal & an idealistic alien castaway, and confronted by the truth of their horrible origins by the architect of the universe.

All that is cool with Sam. But only if he can still be called Captain. 

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