Toco Toco

Big Jump Entertainment, Mackinnon and Saunders, Small Fry Animation


Title: Toco Toco
Format: 2D Non-Dialogue Pre-School Series / 7 Min
Created by: David Blanche and Tess Atkins
Developed for television by: David Blanche, Chris Bowden, Cory Morrison, and Karen Swerdfeger

When city pigeon Colin lands in the Amazon Rainforest, his unlikely friendship with Toco the toucan leads to exciting expeditions full of amazing discoveries about themselves and each other.

Narrated by the Professor, an enthusiastic naturalist, and Attenborough super-fan, the on-screen cast is non-dialogue using actions, expressions, and sound to interact.  Amid this symphony of wildlife, physical comedy, and visual humour, Toco Toco draws on familiar pre-school experiences. 

Showcasing social and ecological diversity in every adventure, Toco and colin discover the rainforest and its inhabitants and find out that with friendship and fun, everywhere feels like home.

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