Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood

9 Story Media, Brownbag Films, Fred Rogers Company, PBS


Additional Title: Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood: Daniel Visits a New Neighbourhood.
Format: 46Min long form
Production: Additional Animation Production
Network: PBS

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood is produced with The Fred Rogers Company for PBS KIDS, and was created by Angela Santomero, the executive producer and co-creator of Blue’s Clues, Super Why and Amazon Studio’s Creative Galaxy.

Daniel Visits a New Neighborhood,” Daniel and Mom go on a trip to visit Mom Tiger’s friend and her family, including her young son and Daniel’s pen pal, Juan Carlos. Daniel gets to take his very first train ride as he leaves the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for the first time and learns helpful new strategies for traveling and being away from home. He also discovers what makes Juan Carlos’ family and neighborhood so special – and even learns some grr-ific Spanish phrases.