What we do


Your awesome idea is just waiting to meet our awesome brains. We develop properties for all animation audiences – preschool to prime time – making your concept market ready.

Test Your Metal
Etta's Star
The Raccoons

Our development team is made up of industry veterans boasting over 200 hours of proprietary content currently airing worldwide. We’re currently developing for pre-school to primetime with a roster of incredible artists, writers and designers. We’re pretty sparkly here (and sometimes modest).


BIG JUMP Entertainment offers high quality animation production services from concept to post. Our kickass team can handle:

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Production Management

Our team of line producers leaves no stone unturned, efficient, organized and totally hugable. Clients will have access to up to date Google docs, Toonboom manager updates and full access to our in-office candy jar. When you feel stressed or sad, just have a roll of Sweet Tarts and watch your troubles melt away. Then back to work.

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Our team of exceptional artists, illustrators and animation superheroes will create screen magic. From character design, location design, storyboards, character builds, through animation to delivery. Your idea will come to life before your eyes and then you’ll offer us a boat load of gratitude which we will humbly accept.

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2D Production

Out team of shy actors will breathe life into any character, forward stories, create on-screen conflict and display incredible moments of inspiration and emotion. Our animators know everything is wicked-amazing when it starts with a drawing – and they make it happen.

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3D Production

Our team is in the beginning stages of bringing this animation style to BIG JUMP. Make sure to check back for an update. Right now, we’re incubating so please don’t turn off the heat lamps or poke at the wee chicks.

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Post Production

So close to the finish line you can lick it! Our team of compositors are top notch – FX, after FX to final comp all lead to an incredible final product. This team will become your new best friends. Perhaps even your soulmates.

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Production Financing and Co-production

In the current landscape, we know how hard it is to finance productions, unless you’re already exceedingly wealthy, in which case, move along. For everyone else, we can help you find the right components needed to execute the work. From service agreements to co-production partnerships, we can help make your property a reality in Canada.

Whether your project is a pre-school adventure or an adult prime time, BIG JUMP has the experience, enthusiasm, passion and the necessary amount of paperclips needed to bring your project to life (that amount being 7).